What are Google Apps?

Google Apps are web application software developed by Google. Applications are software programs for specific purposes. Thus, Google Apps are software programs developed by Google for specific purposes. Examples of Google Apps include Google Maps and Google Toolbar.

About Google

Google has emerged as a synonym for Web. The Web Giant’s first Google app was the Google Search Engine itself (1997), but now it has diversified a lot in the internet world adding lot many applications to its list; Gmail, YouTube and Google+ among the major apps.

With Google constantly developing, re-branding or buying new apps it requires a learning effort from our side to keep updated about the latest products or service available to us from Google. The effort hopefully won’t go waste as most of the google apps are really helpful to improve the quality of our lives.

Google Apps

Google Apps are web applications developed by Google Inc. Each of them are separate products or services from Google. Read the below Google tutorial to see the comprehensive list of Google products or services.

Google Apps For Search

Google Apps To Explore and innovate

  • Google Code – Developer tools, APIs and resources.

Google Apps to Communicate, show & share

  • Google+ – Social Networking Platform with circles, hangouts etc.
  • Blogger – Share your life online with a blog – it’s fast, easy, and free.
  • Google Calendar – Organise your schedule and share events with friends.
  • Google Docs – Create and share your online documents, presentations, and spreadsheets.
  • Gmail – Google Mail: Fast, searchable email with less spam.
  • Google Groups – Create mailing lists and discussion groups.
  • Orkut – Meet new people and stay in touch with friends
  • Panoramio – Explore and share photos of the world.
  • Picasa – Google Photos : Find, edit and share your photos.
  • Google Talk – Gtalk: IM and call your friends through your computer.
  • Google Translate – View web pages in other languages.
  • YouTube – Watch, upload and share videos.
  • Google Play – Play and shop apps, music, movies, books, magazines etc.

Google Apps For Mobile

Update : Google often adds more products to the existing list of Google apps. It at times stops existing applications too. (Eg: Buzz, Feed Reader).