How To Turn Mobile Phone Into PC Modem – Wi-Fi Hotspot Always Around You!

No Internet Connection in PC? Turn Mobile Phone Into PC Modem!

Wondering how to Turn Mobile Phone into PC Modem? It is quite easy . Accessing internet (GPRS or 3G) over mobile phone is not a new thing now. But with the advent of 3G in mobile phones, the scope of using the same internet connection which you use in mobile phones to access internet in your personal computer or laptop has emerged big.

Do you have Internet Connection in your Mobile Phone?

If the answer is yes, this article can surely aid in situations where you can’t find a Wired Broadband or USB Modem. You need to just have one device, ie. your mobile phone (the device you carry always!) and you can create a Wi-Fi Hotspot at all places where you want to access internet over PC.

Steps to Turn Mobile Phone Into PC or Laptop Modem:

  1. Make sure that you have a high speed internet data connection in your mobile phone.
  2. Open “Settings” in your phone, check for “Wireless” or “Network” area, and turn on “Portable Wi-Fi hotspot” option.
  3. This connection should start reflecting in your Wi-Fi enable laptop, else refresh Network Connections.
  4. Give the security key in your PC. (Check your phone for key details.)
  5. The Connection should be established by now. You have just turned your Mobile Phone into a PC Modem. Enjoy Browsing!

Things to keep in your mind:

  • If you don’t want Wi-Fi connection (or don’t have Wi-Fi laptop), you can directly use the ‘USB Tethering’ option in your mobile after connecting your mobile to PC using USB cable.
  • Keep a check on your Internet Data plan, particularly if the plan you using is not unlimited.


  • Only one device for internet access and that too your mobile phone.
  • Amount spent for PC modem, router, USB device and the PC internet connection can be saved.


  • Speed of internet depends on the capacity of your mobile phone and speed of mobile data connection. (Both may not be great always!)