Tata DOCOMO Broadband – How To Select The Right USB Modem Device?

What is Tata Docomo ?

Tata Docomo is one among the high speed wireless broadband providers in India. They have mobile communication option(voice service) too.

How can I get a Tata DOCOMO Broadband Connection?

Tata DOCOMO broadband service is mainly available with the help of USB Modems, commonly known as Photon Devices or Dongles. You need to purchase a USB Modem from a Tata Docomo dealer for accessing wireless broadband through them.

Types of Tata Docomo Photon USB Modems:

The important Tata DOCOMO Photon devices available in Indian market are the following:

  1. Photon 3G – 5.76 Mbps Max Speed
  2. Photon Max – 6.2 Mbps Max Speed
  3. Photon Plus – 3.1 Mbps Max Speed
  4. Photon Whiz – in Kbps speed range
  5. Photon 3G+ – 21.1 Mbps Max Speed (new)

3G and 2G in same device?

Tata Photon 3G switches to 2G mode at places where 3G is not available. This service uses a GSM sim just like what you see in your mobile photon. The same sim can be used for accessing internet data in your mobile photon too.

Tata Photon Plus or Tata Photon Whiz?

Tata Photon Whiz offers low speed compared to Photon Plus. If you use hybrid mode connection, Photon Plus will be switched to  Photon Whiz at regions where Photon Plus coverage is not available.

Pricing of Tata Photon Plus Devices| Monthly Plans of DOCOMO

Pricing varies depending upon regions, but 3G devices are more expensive compared to others. As of this writing the device costs between Rs.1000- Rs.1500 in various cities. There are various plans offering different monthly rent and usage. Details of Tata DOCOMO Bill Payment is given in the highlighted link.

For other details visit : Tata Docomo Website