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ENCODE Project

ENCODE project is the acronym of ENCyclopedia Of DNA Elements. This was a major Bio-technology Project after Human Genome Project. Countries co-operated include US, UK, Spain, Singapore and Japan. Research Results of ENCODE projects were published in 2012. The highlights of the findings were as follows. As a deviation from Human Genome Project, the …

7 Easy Tips To Stay Healthy

Care in little things makes big difference. Follow these easy tips for better health, and see the difference it can make to your life! Stay Healthy, Stay Happy! 1. Drink lots of water Make it a point to drink 10-20 glasses of water a day. Carry a water bottle or …

What is BioTechnology? Products, Effects and Jobs

What is Biotechnology? How will you define Biotechnology? Biotechnology can be defined as a technology applied on living organisms (mainly at the cellular or molecular level) to alter their normal life processes to produce useful products or effects which has industrial, commercial or medical relevance. Useful Products of Biotechnology: Pharmaceutical products …

How to Reduce Cholesterol?

Exercise – at-least 20 minutes per day Eat Grape Fruit – at-least one per day Eat small- frequent meals Switch to dark chocolate Show more interest in vegetarian foods Low fat diet Dietary fiber—found in beans, fruits, and other foods—lowers LDL