Why Should You Use Facebook Messenger For Windows Desktop?

Facebook Launches Windows Desktop App – Facebook Messenger

At a time when people are not so enthusiastic about Desktop Apps, Facebook comes up with Facebook Messenger, a chat service app for Windows. And why should you install this desktop app when you are happy with the web app version? Here are a few reasons for that.

First and foremost – If  You don’t want to open Facebook at all!

If you don’t want the full version of Facebook, but just the personalized chat only, this desktop app is just for you. Messenger lets you use Facebook without being on www.facebook.com.

Features of Facebook Messenger

In addition to the chat facility, fb messenger offers:

  • Latest updates from your friends in ticker.
  • Quick notifications about what’s going on.

But why Facebook Messenger from Facebook ,when Facebook Chat is doing well and fine?

Are you confused why Facebook is going the old desktop way, when people are busy building web apps. Facebook might have got its own reasons. This might be a test attempt too. Another way to see it is as a strategy to make people stay connected with fb more time that they normally do. People may not normally logout from desktop apps as  they do from websites. And the logout button in the Facebook Messenger is hidden inside a small ‘f’ button and the chance of users using that button seems pretty low too.

Other details:

  • Size : 482 KB
  • Available to people who use Windows Vista or Windows 7
  • Minimize and Collapse feature.
  • Dock and Un-dock feature.

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